Still alive…

Yeah, not a great job of staying up-to-date.  Things have been pretty crazy, and it’s kept me from really even thinking about this blog.  At any rate, couple of things that come to mind recently…  the release of Skyward Sword and Arkham City.  Both of which, despite the couple of holidays that I’ve had or am on (it’s Christmas time, folks), I haven’t beaten or even significantly sunk time into.  And I usually use this time to finish one high-profile release.  Still, I’ll try to update some stuff here, and even maybe catch up on some of the games I finished during the downtime.

In the meantime, the NBA season is going again.  Awesome.  And Chris Paul is with the Clippers.  The Clippers!  Craziness.  With their other signings, they look (at least on paper) really, really good.  Of course, I’m still rooting for my Spurs, but they really haven’t made any substantial free agent splash, with the only significant signing being T.J. Ford to back up Tony Parker.  It will be useful to have an honest-to-goodness point guard running the show for the second unit, though.  As long as he doesn’t try to do much, of course, which I’ve heard is T.J.’s penchant from time to time.

Also snagged the latest Evanescence album.  Good stuff overall, although nothing overly new.  What happened to that “positive” direction they were going?  Guess it wasn’t working out, I suppose.  If you liked Fallen, you’ll like this one, and it’s better than the last one.

Also, Indie Bundles are awesome.  I’ve snagged some awesome stuff with the Humble Indie Bundle ( and Indie Royale (, and recommend everyone else to check it out, too.  Especially the HIB.  Right now, if you go above the average, not only do you get all the games (plus Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles), you get all the soundtracks, and the entire contents of HIB#3.  Absolutely incredible.  Go.  Now.

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