Album “review”: Time of My Life (3 Doors Down)

Well, the 3 Doors Down album, Time of My Life, has been out for about a week now.  I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop, so I’ll give some impressions.

First, it’s a more driving, fast-paced affair than the last album.  Of course, I really liked the last album, too, but there’s a nice mix of slow(er) ballads with the quick stuff.  “Believer”, in particular, is crazy-fast compared to some of their other stuff.  I’m particularly stuck on “Round and Round” and “My Way”.  Even most of the ballads are solid stuff.  I don’t really like “She is Love” much, but it’s not offensive, and certainly doesn’t ruin the CD.  “When You’re Young” is probably the best of that group, and I’ve also taken a liking to the acoustic version of that song.

Anyway, to keep things short, if you liked 3DD before, you’ll still like ’em now.  And since I like ’em, I’ll give this one an 8.5/10.0, with several of the tunes being absolutely spectacular, at least in my mind.  Definitely worth a purchase.

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