The “My Little Ponies” win a championship

Yeah, that was probably uncalled for.  But they are the Spurs’ in-division rival.

To anyone that keeps track, the Mavericks winning the NBA Championship is a bit of a surprise.  I distinctly remember that quite a few prognosticators figured everyone wanted to play Dallas.  And then they defeat the Blazers before going on a roll that involved crushing the Lakers and manhandling the Thunder.  And then beating the Heat.  Which was rather sweet.

I’m really happy Nowitzki has his ring now.  It’s too bad that Mark Cuban gets his in the process, but hey, you takes what you can gets.  And it really stresses that a stronger overall team effort can overcome the efforts of a collection of superstars.

Which leads me, of course, to LeBron James.  I don’t like the guy, but he doesn’t even come close in the “hatred” pantheon to Kobe Bryant.  Either way, I have to admit that LeBron’s got skills.  I’m not sure they’re Jordan-esque skills, though.  When you look at his game, he’s more of a point forward than anything.  Which puts him in Scottie Pippen’s league, I suppose.  And yeah, those last couple of games were rough for him in the series, but I think too many people were clearly drinking the Haterade.  Triple double?  Decent output even in the last game?  If anything, Dallas just figured out what the Heat were doing.  He and Wade didn’t have a great series, and it’s because they’re far too one-on-one focused.  Granted, they’re supremely talented, but if you don’t have other team members to keep everyone honest, you can just lock down on those two, and you’re doing great.  Make them into jump shooters, and they may burn you every once in a while, but on average, you’ll win that battle.

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