Bayonetta, and games of its ilk

So, I just had the “pleasure” of playing through Bayonetta.  To make this somewhat short, I’m going to bring over my content from the ROMHacking message board.  I guess I’m just going to be lazy like that…

So.  Bayonetta.

It’s actually been sitting on my shelf, untouched (at least by me) since the game came out.  So I decided, after finishing Majin, that it’d be fun to mess around with.  And admittedly, it’s a great game.  But I do wonder if the Japanese have some sort of complex with wanting to kill deities, especially those that effectively are a stand-in for the Catholic church.  The whole “religion” in the game basically revolves around a bastardized version of Catholicism, and of course, in true Japanese fashion, you get to play as the witches, who are ostensibly the “good” guys.  Despite their having cut deals with the devil to obtain their powers.  Because, you know, that just makes you cool.

Add to that the over-the-top sexuality, and it’s not the greatest package, at least in my mind, to enjoy Devil May Cry-ish gameplay.  At least, though, it’s usually so over the top as to be completely absurd.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.  The dance number at the end just made me cringe.  Multiple times.  Actually, pretty much the whole way through.  I did like that Bayonetta actually shows some maternal instincts eventually, especially at the end.  It was kind of touching.

Anyway, before I come off as completely griping, it really does play very, very well.  I like the concept of Witch Time, in which time slows down to pound enemies as a reward for evading at the last second, and the combat is very much like DMC.  I still feel DMC was a tiny bit more structured, but that may just be me.  The game was good enough to finish, at any rate, and not nearly as hard as something like the original run of DMC3.  Good grief, that game was hard.  For those of you that haven’t played it already, and can stomach the elements I’ve mentioned, I’d recommend it.  But it rates just below the DMC games for me (except for DMC2).

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