The NBA Playoffs, and all that jazz (but not the Jazz)

So, for anyone keeping track of the NBA Playoffs, it’s been a wild one so far.  My favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs, already got bounced out by the Memphis Grizzlies (The Grizz?  Say wha?).

As much as I’d like to dismiss them as a viable team, they’re almost tailor-made to exploit the Spurs’ weaknesses.  Let’s face it, the biggest thing the Spurs had going for them this year was phenomenal three-point shooting.  The Grizz did a great job of taking that away.

Anyway, the series was a lot closer than it looked.  The Spurs dropped Game 1 without Ginobili, and a couple of the other games were one-possession games.  The Grizz just did a better job executing down the stretch.  So that’s a whole season (and a great one at that) down the drain, and not much tread left on Duncan’s career.

Speaking of tread, it looks like the Lakers have similar problems.  Dallas just manhandled them.  It’s pretty astounding to see a team like that get swept out of the Playoffs, but it couldn’t have happened to a *ahem* nicer team.  And the cheapshot crap by Odom and Bynum were just uncalled for.  Talk about no class.

Anyway, I think the only team that I really don’t want to see win that’s left in the Playoffs is the Heat.  The Celtics, which may be the last of the old guard, need to take it to ’em.  Game 3 was a start.

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