Serious monkey business

Yeah, I’m sure that tag’s been used before…

Anyway, decided to play some Donkey Kong Country yesterday.  Actually, ended up beating it.  It’s a really good game, even after all this time.  It’s interesting, though, to see that Rare DNA creep into the game.  It’s got some Battletoads-esque moments, although the primary difference between the two is that you get way more opportunities to earn extra lives in DKC.  I’m positive Battletoads would be substantially easier if it had all those opportunities for extra lives.

Anyway, there are some really good musical pieces in the game, and for anyone that is interested in some remixed versions, there’s a nice album over at OCRemix that has some tracks worth listening to.  Graphics have also aged at least somewhat decently, although it still looks like cheap 3D.  Which, of course, is to be expected, given the era and that it’s all pre-rendered 3D.

At some point, I might pick up DKC 2, which I’ve heard is superior in every aspect.  And it was also suggested to me that Miyamoto really did like the game, contrary to internet rumor, and was quite deeply involved in its development.  Thanks to the guys over at for correcting that misconception!

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